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Rat Mouse No. 164 - Original


"Rat Mouse!" Pen and Watercolor. I tried this pattern for the first time last year. It was around 11:00 pm and I decided to try the only mouse I had in my fly box. I tied it on and cast to some dead fall along the bank. The mouse hit with a "PLOP" before I could get my first strip in, the water erupted. It sounded like a depth charge hit the water. I set the hook and the reel started to scream. The fish took off for cover and broke me off in the submerged logs. I picked up a few more mice to give it another try this trip. I had a difficult time of not setting the hook right away and stripping the fly from the fish. My buddy Corey used the mouse with much greater success. He really knows how to strip in the line after the take and then sets the hook. It was great watching him hookup on some nice fish using this pattern.

From the Drawing Flies 365 Series. No. 164.

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No 164 Master.jpg